University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory

 Minutes of the 102nd Health and Safety Committee Meeting

Held on the 20th August 2003 in GS22



Present: P Brooks (Chairman), C Bean, P Neaves, A Berroto, L Heptonstall (secretary), A Brown, R Moss, J Cartwright.


Apologies: G Titmus, M Levitt, S Bishop.


      1.Items for any other business



      2. Corrections to previous minutes.



     3.Accidents and matters arising from Accident Reports

      AB to chase up Accident Form                                     ACTION AB


      4.Personnel and Workplace Assessment Referral Forms



          5.Matters arising from previous minutes

          5.1 Lecture Theatres

      It was confirmed which metal flaps were being replaced. This has          been passed     on as an issue with maintenance rather than Health and Safety.


      5.2 Key Holders

      AB is to confirm more names.                           ACTION AB


      5.3 First Aid Room

      CB is to look into finding a medicine cabinet to replace filing cabinet.     Everything else on list is on order.

                                                                                                ACTION CB


      6. Any Other Business








      Quote for Intel kitchen and FN corridor holdbacks has been requested, AB      is waiting for their visit.

                                                                                                ACTION AB


      Notification of a Fire (See Item A.)


            PAN and AB were called to attend to a fire in an ashtray on the east side of the             building. After successfully extinguishing the fire, they noted that the ashtray had      not been emptied for a long time. AB to speak to cleaners to make sure this is         being done regularly.

                                                                                                ACTION AB


            JC requested a ‘walk round’ for second floor Fire Wardens.

            PN is to show Engineering Wardens around the building.

                                                                                                ACTION PAN



            It was suggested that a card for each fire warden with a checklist to use for        there area during an emergency, AB/PN to look into this.

                                                                                                ACTION PAN/AB



            OK with FA to replace green “break glass” boxes with red “dual action” Boxes.            Later: HoD decided not to do anything at the moment.



      7.2 Building Inspection

      There is still a domestic ladder being used in Stores. AB to obtain written           authority that this is permitted.

                                                                                                ACTION AB


      7.3 Intel Teaching Lab

      The clean up campaign will be implemented next month. LH to check with         MAL re announcements and documents.

                                                                                                ACTION MAL


      7.4 First Aid

      We now have a set of pocket masks which will be given to First Aiders once     they have been trained in their use.


      7.5 SARS

      PB reported that the University had been deemed safe.


      7.6 Statement of Health and Safety Policy

      Copy of The University’s new Health and Safety Policy to be brought to meeting           or passed on to PB

                                                                                                ACTION CB/LH

      7.7 Chiller System

      AB says that as of 28th August all work should be complete.


      7.8 Cycle Compound

      Cycle compound work is to begin on Thursday the 28th. Notices to go up around         compound and bolt cutters to be purchased to remove any cycles left unattended.


      8.Date for future meetings

      Meeting will take place at 14.15 in GS22 on the third Wednesday of every        month unless stated otherwise:-

            17th September, 15th October, 19th November, 17th December