University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory

Minutes of the 101st Health and Safety Committee Meeting held on

Wednesday 16th July in GS22


Present:       P Brooks (Chairman), C Bean, M Levitt, P Neaves, A Leeke, S Bishop, L Heptonstall (secretary), A Brown, G Titmus, R Moss, A Wonfor.

Apologies:     J Cartwright

0          New Member

The committee welcomed Lucy Heptonstall as the new secretary.

1          Items for Any Other Business


2          Any Corrections to Previous Minutes


3          Accidents and matters arising from Accident Reports

NR032 Although the injury seemed minor at the time and the next day when First Aiders accosted her, she has now missed four weeks of work. First Aiders are reminded to advise professional attention even if the injury initially appears minor.


AB reported that a member of cleaning staff was reported to have cut her hand after cleaning out a bin. AB to ensure that an Accident Report Form is completed and to advise staff never to place broken glass into a bin but to contact building services to dispose of it.

Action: AB

4          Personnel and Workplace Assessment Referral Forms

Person involved in incident NR032 to be assessed on her return to work.

5          Matters Arising from Previous Minutes

5.1        Lecture Theatres

AB has expressed confusion as to which flap was being replaced. AB to check through previous minutes.

Action AB

5.2        Key Holders

The three members at the meeting were happy to be named as key holders on our website. AB to check with remaining staff from other departments.

Action: AB

5.3        First Aid Room

AB confirmed that a reclining chair with plastic mattress has been ordered and should be here within 2 weeks. Mattress is removable for washing. The final list of things needed were agreed:


Tissue and glove dispenser

A medicine cabinet to replace filing cabinet.

Soap Dispenser

Action: AB

Mirror or hand mirror will suffice

Cover for door or screen to blackout the room for migraine sufferers

Action: MAL

Armchair – (already ordered)


GT expressed concern whether the room was in the right location and publicly  accessible. Everyone agreed that it was. GSO2 suggested as an alternative, but decided to be too small and not near a water supply.

AB to check with first aiders that they all have access.

Action: AB

6          Any Other Business


7          Correspondence

7.1        Fire Brigade Watch Visit.

We had a second Fire Brigade Watch Visit. The main concern is that when they are called out of office hours there is no way of knowing who may be working late and where they might be. A signing in book was suggested but was ruled out as it was agreed that was unlikely to work.  The committee all agreed it is an individual's responsibility to respond to any fire alarm.

AB requests that fire doors must not be wedged.

AB to get a quotation for Intel kitchen and FN corridor door holdbacks and Reception passive closers.

Action: AB

7.2        Alarms

Some green “break glass” alarms appear not to be active, and should either be removed, or changed to red `dual action’ boxes. PAN will ask the University Fire Officer which we can do.

Action: PAN

7.3        Footwear

A member of the Committee raised some concern about people walking around the department in bare feet. It was agreed that there is a need for “appropriate footwear”, but that in most parts of the building, bare feet are acceptable. However due to the use of Fibre Optics in the Optics labs, footwear is needed. However, these labs are already marked “ No Unauthorised Access” and all users are made aware of the special concerns.

7.4        Building Inspection

Domestic ladders are no longer to be used. AB/PAN to replace our one domestic ladder with an industrial one.

Action: AB/PAN

7.5        Travel Insurance

It was decided that it is up to the traveller to ensure that they are appropriately insured for travel.  Although the secretaries will help with insurance arrangements it should not be their responsibility to instigate it.

7.6        Open Day.

No reported problems.

7.7        New Accident book

The secretary to the H& S committee is to be the Appointed Person to process the sheets removed from the new format Accident Book.

7.8        Water Systems.

PB expressed concern that when a humidifier was opened a large amount of grit was found. AB reassured that it was only the Aircon and the bin store that were connected to this water system. No other problems reported.

7.9        Intel Teaching Lab

At the end of the month a new campaign will come into force where rubbish left by the students in the Intel teaching Lab will be emptied into a bin, and a week later this will be removed and disposed of.  AB/PN will be responsible for this rather than the cleaners. MAL/LG are to prepare an announcement and a notice to be brought to the attention of those concerned.

Action: MAL/LG

7.10    Cycle safety

A user brought to PB’s attention the bollards on Queens Road and Burrel’s Walk are dangerous. As this is a County Council issue there is little we can do.

8          Date for future Meetings

Meeting will take place at 14.15 in GC22 on the third Wednesday of every month unless stated otherwise:-

20th August, 17th September, 15th October, 19th November, 17th December















LG/PB – 2003/08/18