University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory

Minutes of the 96th Health and Safety Committee Meeting held on

Wednesday 22nd January 2003 in GC22


Present:†††††††† P Brooks (Chairman), A Brown, C Bean, K Ellis (Secretary), M Levitt,

††††††††††††††††††††††† P Neaves, A Wonfor, J Cartwright, R Moss

Apologies:†††† Maurice Read (University Fire Officer), G Titmus, A Leeke, M Kuhn


0.†††††††††††††† New Member

The committee welcomed Adrian Wonfor from Optics and Jenni Cartwright from Engineering to the meeting.


1.†††††††††††††† Items for Any Other Business

††††††††††††††††† None


2.†††††††††††††† Any Corrections to Previous Minutes

††††††††††††††††† None


3.†††††††††††††† Accidents and matters arising from Accident Reports

NR024: A member of staff was cycling towards to bike shelter outside the front of the building when she skidded on the ice, falling off her bike and sliding across the ground.† A first aider was not called.

NR025: A member of the public with Parkinsonís disease was taken ill whilst walking on JJ Thomson Avenue with her husband who brought her onto the premises.† First Aiders were called to the scene but there was no treatment given.† PAN took her home.


4.†††††††††††††† Personnel and Workplace Assessment Referral Forms

††††††††††††††††† None


5.                              Matters Arising from Previous Minutes

5.1 (5.1)†††† Fire

The University Fire Officer is still in the process of reviewing where the signs are to be refitted.† PAN contacted Maurice Read who is now due to come in for a meeting in the next couple of weeks.

Action: MR/PAN

The Fire Wardens Course is set for the 19th February.


5.2 (5.2)†††† Inspection of Water

Baileys have been in and done all the items on the list.† A quote has been put in for the work to be carried out in Intel and will be done as soon as possible.


5.3(5.5)††††† Chilled Drinking Water

††††††††††††††††† AB confirmed that the cold water machine has been purchased and will be fitted in the next couple of days. (Afternote: Done)


5.4 (5.6)†††† Induction Details

††††††††††††††††† It was reported that Engineering need to be inducted.† MAL requested that Diena give Engineering (Jennifer Cartwright: LCE, and Adrian Wonfor: Optics) the forms we use and they can adapt them for their use.

Action: MAL


5.5 (5.7)†††† A Frame Ladder

Will Hudson from the Safety Office is due to get back to us on the Risk Assessment.


EMBS suggested purchasing a tower to use, which they propose to purchase.† Risk assessment will still be carried out by BS as requested by PB.

Action:† PAN/AB


PAN and HB went on the PAT Course.† They were told that there is a different meter generally being used by the University. The previous electrical Code of Practice has been withdrawn, and a new one is being drafted. ††As it stands, this would have a significant on the department.† PB has sent feedback to the Safety Office.

Action: PB


5.6 (7.3)†††† PAT Testing of Kettles

††††††††††††††††† PB spoke to IML about the PAT testing of Kettles.† IML endorsed that Kettles and stuff should not be used in offices.† There will be a notice circulated when the University Electrical Testing Procedure is sorted.

Action PB/IML


6††††††††††††††† Any Other Business

6.1†††††††††††† Health and Safety Web Page

A member of the committee asked a question about our Health and Safety Web page not being up to date.† PB offered to take a look at this.† It was also suggested that JC and AW be put on the Health and Safety Email address list.† (Afternote: Done)

Action: PB


7.†††††††††††††† Correspondence

7.1†††††††††††† Hot Works Permits

††††††††††††††††† It was discussed at the meeting that the department requires a blank hot works certificate.† AB will draw up the required document for approval.

Action: AB


7.2†††††††††††† Working on the Roof Space

††††††††††††††††† Intel agreed to put walk way areas around their equipment to save the roof membrane from being damaged when servicing is been carried out.†


††††††††††††††††† Dean and Bowes have been requested to do the same.† AB will report back on any developments.

Action: AB

7.3†††††††††††† Maximum Room Occupancy

††††††††††††††††† PB reported that the Computing Service had been told that the University Fire Officer had said that the maximum number of people who can be in Cockcroft 4 is 100.† It was requested that we have outside each room in our building the maximum amount of people that should be in that room at any one time.

Action: PAN


8.†††††††††††††† Date for future Meetings

Meeting will take place at 14.15 in GC22 on the third Wednesday of every month unless stated otherwise:-


19th February, 19th March, 16th April, 21st May, 18th June, 16th July 20th August,

17th September, 15th October, 19th November, 17th December



























PB/KE 30th January 2003