University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory

Minutes of the 90th Health and Safety Committee Meeting held on Wednesday

15th May 2002 in GC22


Present:          P Brooks (Chairman), C Bean, K Crofts, PJL Crofts, S Davey, M A Levitt,

                        R Moss, P Neaves, K Wheddon (Secretary)

Apologies:     M Kuhn, G Titmus


0.               New Member

                  The committee welcomed Sam Davey from the Cafeteria to the meeting.


1.               Items for Any Other Business



2.               Any Corrections to Previous Minutes

                  Correction to section 7.12 (MG Bailey – should be NG Bailey)


3.               Accidents and matters arising from Accident Reports

NR016:  An undergraduate tripped on the pavement on his way to the Lab and fell on his hand.  First aider’s were called and the student was advised to see a nurse from College when he returned.


4.               Personnel and Workplace Assessment Referral Forms



5.               Matters Arising from Previous Minutes

5.1             VDU Workstation Assessment Training course for Assessors

PJLC apologised for still not completing this and will find the VDU Document and pass it on to someone else who can forward it as a revised version of the proposed University Document.


6.               Any Other Business


6.1(6.2)      Whittle

PJLC contacted Peter Taylor from EMBS and he said the cycle path/pavement that crosses the access road into the Department/Microsoft’s car park has been improved but is not yet complete. 


6.2(7.1)      Fire

MK and PAN are still looking into visual markers to be put on the bottom 2-3 steps.  MK is to contact PAN when he has found something.

Action: MK


Early Wednesday morning, the beam detector reported a fault (not a Fire Alarm), and Defensor were called in to investigate.  They arrived, isolated the circuit, completed the work, re-enabled the circuit, and then one of the engineers `pressed the wrong button', causing the Fire Alarm.


PB asked Sam (Cafeteria), what they do in an event of a fire alarm.  There is a button that switches off the oven straight away.


PB has been given an Evacuation Chair from AT&T for a frail person on the first floor.  This is strictly in event of a fire and is used to transport people down the stairs.  The chair is hoped to be kept on the 1st floor South East corridor so we know where it is in case of emergency.



6.3(7.3)      Rodents in the Building

                  PJLC contacted Mark Coulson (EMBS-Laundry Farm) and they have given DRE Pest Control a contract for 1 year.  They have been in and set some traps and are due to return with some poison bate to leave round the building.  After this they will do regular visits of 6 weeks.  There was some discussion on whether the poison bate would affect the Owls in anyway so PJLC will contact DRE to see if we can come to some alternative arrangement.

Action: PJLC


6.4(7. 5)     Recycling Bins

                  PJLC is still to contact the Whittle Lab to see if they would like to share our Green Recycling bins.

Action: PJLC

6.5(7.6)      LED’s in the Lecture Theatres

                  PB contacted stores about the supply of LED’s and after looking through various books and it being very expensive to purchase a large number of them, the committee decided that PB would go back and look into it further to see if he could come up with any other solution.

Action: PB


6.6(7.7)      Roof Space and Protective Equipment

                  It was also said that after discussion about access to the roof space the department needs some sort of lock to stop people without permits getting up there.  Locks on access points seem to be the best option but is still under discussion.  The department also need to set up procedures for work permits-access to the roof.  Stores now have personal protective equipment.


6.7(7.9)      Public Evening/Weekend Functions

KW contacted T Palmer (EMBS).  He sent through various forms which are used when hiring out a University Room.  After looking through these it was decided that KW would contact the Safety Office to see exactly where we stand in event of someone actually being in the building during a function. (After note: KW Done).

Action: KW


6.8(7.10)    Alterations of Lecture Theatre Signs

                  The Lecture Theatre signs have now been changed.  The new sign reads – No food or drink except bottled water to be taken into the Lecture Theatre.


6.9(7.12)    Safety Inspection Report Form

                  The Safety Report from NG Bailey has been added to the list of outstanding snags for the building.  There is no further information on this at present.





7.               Correspondence


7.1             Disability Access

Freeland Rees Roberts Architects who helped with our Safety inspection last month have now completed a draft of the audit which has gone to EMBS for costing.  SW01 was changed in order to increase the width of the door.  It has made quite a difference.


7.2             Toilet Doors

An undergraduate reported that the female toilet door on the 2nd Floor was stuck and she had to climb out.  It was agreed that PAN would make sign to stick on the inside of the toilet door explaining 3 simple procedures to help open the door in emergency. (After note: PAN Done).


7.3             Lights in the Street

There are certain hanging lights in the street that need replacing.  In order to do this a risk assessment form needs completing.  From now on if any lights in the street needs inspecting or work needs doing contact EMBS first.


7.4                          Glass Entrance Doors

The seal on the glass front entrance doors keep coming off.  The glass company came in and resealed the door and it was put back on strips to make it more secure.  This problem is in hand at present.


7.5             Temperature/Fire Doors in Lecture Theatres

                  It has been reported that Lecture Theatre 2 is really cold.  PJLC commented that the air conditioning doesn’t work.  There was also discussion about whether the doors leaving out to the cycle sheds should be Fire Doors and be on a locking system or should it be left that students can use it as a normal exit route.  This is to be discussed further.


8.               Date for future Meetings

Meeting will take place at 14:15 in GC22 on the third Wednesday of every month unless stated otherwise:-




18th September, 16th October, 20th November , 18th December 2002


PB/KW 17th June 2002