University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory

Minutes of the 89th Health and Safety Committee Meeting held on Wednesday

17th April 2002 in GC22


Present:          P Brooks (Chairman), C Bean, K Crofts, PJL Crofts, M Kuhn, M A Levitt,

                        P Neaves, K Wheddon (Secretary)

Apologies:     G Titmus


0.               New Member

                  The committee welcomed Rachel Moss from CEC to the meeting.


1.               Items for Any Other Business



2.               Any Corrections to Previous Minutes



3.               Accidents and matters arising from Accident Reports

NR012/NR013: A member of the department complained about the door latch plates and sharp metal edges on hand rails.  This has been brought to the committee’s attention and is a on going problem.

NR014: A member of staff complained of abdominal pains.  Her husband called an Ambulance and she was taken to hospital.  The first aider involved did a follow up visit and the patient has seen the doctor and is feeling much better.

NR015: A PhD Student stepped on the last but one step (out in the street) as it came loose and flipped away under his feet.  A first aider attended and the steps have since been removed and the existing steps have been bolted down.


4.               Personnel and Workplace Assessment Referral Forms



5.               Matters Arising from Previous Minutes

5.1             VDU Workstation Assessment Training course for Assessors

PJLC apologised for still not completing this and will find the VDU Document and pass it on to someone else who can forward it as a revised version of the proposed University Document.

Action PJLC


5.2(6.2)      Replacement of Health and Safety Committee Members

A member from the Cafeteria is still being sought to join the Committee. (After note: PJLC Done).


6.               Any Other Business


6.1             Risk Assessment Forms

MK filled in a Risk Assessment Form for the usage of lasers.  He said it was fairly straight forward.






6.2             Whittle

There is also no obvious right of way on the cycle path/pavement that crosses the access road into the Department/Microsoft’s car park.  PJLC will contact Peter Taylor (EMBS, Project Manager).

Action: PJLC

6.3             CEC

Rachel Moss from CEC brought to the committee’s attention that although they are lodging in our building they are unsure of first aiders and general Health and Safety issues.  It was decided that they could fill in a Departmental Induction Form.  MAL will send CEC a copy for their use.


6.4             Marconi

Kate Crofts from Marconi reported that the windows on their floor in the building have not been changed and there is one that needs repairing.  PJLC said that the window company havent finished and would be coming back to complete the work.


7.               Correspondence

7.1(7.3)      Fire

MK and PAN are still looking into visual markers to be put on the bottom 2-3 steps.

Action: MK, PAN


There have been 2 fire alarm incidents within the last week.  The cause of the problem is the Beam Detector.  Defensor have been and are investigating the problem.  There was also a detector fault in GC33 – Defensor have changed the smoke detector head.


PAN reported that there was only one item of furniture that was removed from our building due to it being over 10 years old and highly flammable.


7.2             Lifts

The lift winding course on the 24th January went very well.  Shepherds checked the phone line in the lift and it was thought to be working to their satisfactory standards.  They made a call to Kone, which they received and came out.


7.3(7.6)      Rodents in the Building

                  PJLC will contact Mark Coulson (EMBS-Laundry Farm) again to arrange a routine visits (Rats).  This will happen in the near future.

Action: PJLC


7.4(7.10)    Anti-Glare Blinds

                  The anti-glare blinds are now in stock and 2 were put up to users who requested them. 


7.5(7.15)    Recycling Bins

                  The Green Recycling bins have been dispersed around the building and it was suggested by PJLC that we contact the Whittle Lab to see if they would like to share our bins.

Action: PJLC

7.6             LED’s in the Lecture Theatres

                  The committee discussed the possibility of supplying laser pointers (LED) for the lecture theatres.  It was decided that academics should be responsible for their own and could pick them up from stores.  PB will contact stores about having supplies of LED’s

Action: PB


7.7             Roof Space and Protective Equipment

                  It was also said that after discussion about access to the roof space the department needs some sort of lock to stop people without permits getting up there.  Locks on access points seem to be the best option.  The department also need to set up procedures for work permits-access to the roof.  A store of personal Protective Equipment is being set up in stores.


7.8             High Voltage Plant Room

                  PJLC said that 24 Seven are to become the new contractors for all the University HT equipment, and they require that nobody else (not even security or EMBS) have keys to HT areas.


7.9             Public Evening/Weekend Functions

                  There was some concern about letting out Lecture Theatres in the evening and not having First Aiders and general precautions taken in event of a fire.  KW is going to contact T Palmer (EMBS) as he controls events happening after hours around the University Departments. 

Action: KW

7.10           Alterations of Lecture Theatre Signs

                  It was decided that the food and drink signs on the lecture theatres would be changed to No food or drink except Bottled Water.

Action: PAN

7.11           Second Floor Fit Out

                  PJLC reported that plans for the new fit out on the second floor would involve the workmen having a compound on the North East corner of our building using a hoist for materials, and a staircase for people.  It is thought that this will stop them coming in and out through the main doors with large tools and dirty shoes.


7.12           Safety Inspection Report Form

                  The department have received a Safety Inspection Report Form completed by MG Bailey.  There were a number of things which needed improving and PJLC has been referred to the Consultant Manager for information on how and who does these changes.


8.               Date for future Meetings

Meeting will take place at 14:15 in GC22 on the third Wednesday of every month unless stated otherwise:-


15th May, 19th June, 17th July, 21st August, 18th September, 16th October, 20th November

19th June the Health and Safety meeting will be in GS13


PB/KW 7th May 2002