University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory

Minutes of the 87th Health and Safety Committee Meeting held on Wednesday

16th January 2002 in GC22


Present:          P Brooks (Chairman), C Bean, P J L Crofts, K Crofts, M Kuhn, M A Levitt,

                        P Neaves, G Titmus, K Wheddon (Secretary)

Apologies:     Maurice Read (Fire Officer)


1.               Items for Any Other Business

Cycle Path outside the front of the building.

                  Sighting of the Whittle Lab signs, south side north of the car parks.

Call Points – How to use them


2.               Any Corrections to Previous Minutes



3.               Accidents and matters arising from Accident Reports



4.               Personnel and Workplace Assessment Referral Forms

                  WPA007 – A user requested a new desk.  A WPA was carried out and the problem seemed to stem from his height making it hard to fit under his desk.  His desk was exchanged, he had a new keyboard and a wrist rest.  He was given a Display Screen Equipment Book and did complete a Self-WPA form.


5.               Matters Arising from Previous Minutes

5.1(5.2)      VDU Workstation Assessment Training course for Assessors

PJLC apologised for still not completing this and will find the VDU Document and pass it on to someone else who can forward it as a revised version of the proposed University Document.

                                                                                                            Action PJLC


5.2(6.2)      Replacement of Health and Safety Committee Members

It was decided that the member from the Cafeteria would be asked one more time about the position on the committee.


5.3(7.2)      Items relating to the New Building – Move: New Building, etc.

At present the forced air system seems to be consistently working to the right temperature.


PJLC told the committee that the lighting in the Street would be changed when the top floor gets fitted out. 


Suggestions were raised as to who should be on the Building Services Email address.  This address will be for the general running of the department.  i.e. Light bulbs etc.  The email address to be used is:







6.               Any Other Business


6.1 (6.2)     Risk Assessment Forms

The committee discussed whether it was necessary to use Risk Assessment forms and it was decided that KW would contact the Safety Office and find out if there is a standard form for Risk Assessments.

Action: KW


6.2             Whittle

The sighting of the Whittle Laboratory sign, South side, North of the car park restricts visibility and is spelt wrong.  PJLC said it is part of the main building project and is due to be replaced.


There is also no obvious right of way on the cycle path/pavement that crosses the access road into the Department/Microsoft’s car park.  PJLC will contact Peter Taylor (EMBS, Project Manager).

Action: PJLC


It was also said that after discussion with Nanofabrications about the Marconi plot there will be a new road to access Marconi and Microsoft.  A haul road will be used during construction and will be blocked off for motor vehicles but will still have access for bicycles.


6.3             Personal Attack Call Points

PJLC is to draft an email explaining where the Personal Attack Call Points are and what you are supposed to do with them.  It was thought that the email could go round to

Action PJLC


7.               Correspondence


7.1(7.3)      Fire

PAN is still to arrange a Fire Wardens Course to be held in our building by Darren Franks (University Fire Office). They are currently waiting for the certificates to be approved.


There seems to be a problem with the bulbs behind the fire exit eliminated signs.  Shepherds are currently looking in this.  The emergency lighting was also found and the department have contacted the company for some documentation.


It was suggested that the stairs in the building should have some form of visual marker on the bottom 2-3 steps for people with visual difficulties.  MK will look up what action is needed and then contact PAN to order and put out.

Action: MK, PAN


It was thought by the committee that we should have statutory signs around the building helping people in events of evacuation.  It appears that the Ground floor signing is ample but the 1st and 2nd floor need more.  i.e. Fire exit doors and escape routes to be made clearer.

Action: PAN



The department are now having Weekly Fire Tests but are still finding problems with the Intruder Alarm.  It was also noticed that the department don’t have all the keys to the Colt Alarm, Lift Alarms and Relay Repeater Fire Alarm Panel.  (After Note: Fixed).  During this time it was also discovered that when the fire alarm goes into Pre-Alarm it opens all the vents from the ceiling of the building and were unsure how to deal with this.  Security have been involved and PAN has shown them how to rectify the problem.  (After Note: Done)


7.2             Lecture Theatres

Lecture Theatre 1 was used for the first time last week and everything went very well.  There were on average 40 undergraduates using the lecture theatre and it was thought even the general in and out of the main doors were fine.


7.3             Lifts

After the visit from Kone we have heard no more.  Engineering will be holding a Hand Winding Course in the building on the 24th January.  Stores/CO’s and Reception staff will attend.

                                                                                                                  Action: PJLC

8.               Date for future Meetings

Meeting will take place at 14:15 in GC22 on the third Wednesday of every month unless stated otherwise:-



20th February, 20th March, 17th April, 15th May, 19th June, 17th July, 21st August 2002



19th June the Health and Safety meeting will be in GS13

























PB/KW 6th February 2002