University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory

Minutes of the 86th Health and Safety Committee Meeting held on Wednesday

19th December 2001 in GC22


Present: P Brooks (Chairman), C Bean, P J L Crofts, K Crofts, M Kuhn, M A Levitt,

G Titmus, K Wheddon (Secretary)

Apologies: P A Neaves


1. Items for Any Other Business



2. Any Corrections to Previous Minutes



3. Accidents and matters arising from Accident Reports



4. Personnel and Workplace Assessment Referral Forms

It was agreed that the documentation CO would produce a Web form to do online self WPAs, and that this would be publicised. The secretary will then send paper versions to people who have not completed web forms.


5. Matters Arising from Previous Minutes

5.1(5.2) VDU Workstation Assessment Training course for Assessors

PJLC is still to put forward the revised version of the VDU Assessment Document as a proposed University Document.

Action PJLC


5.2(5.3) Roles Relating to Health and Safety

MAL, CB and KW had a meeting to re-arrange the text on the Assistant staff and Academic Related Induction Form. It was agreed that the form would not be used for Research Students who are not University employees. MAL is producing a document for people performing inductions, listing information to be passed on.

Action: MAL

5.3(6.2) Replacement of Health and Safety Committee Members

The committee welcomed Markus Kuhn to the meeting. He will be replacing WFC. The member from the Cafeteria is still thinking about the other position.


5.4(6.3) Fire Safety Manager

The committee discussed the formal status of the current Fire Safely Manager for our building and CB is to action the Head of Department to get a formal letter of appointment.

Action: CB


5.5(7.2) Items relating to the New Building Move: New Building, etc.

Baileys, RMJM and EMBS have been in discussion with the department, and certain matters relating to heating, cooling and ventilation are being addressed. The temperature monitors have been returned, and the graphs show instances of building-wide and local problems.


Concern was raised when a user was trapped in the toilets. Fortunately he did manage to get out but it was decided that PJLC should contact RMJM to see if there is a key to unlock the toilets from the outside in an emergency. A user also suggested leaving the lighting on in the toilets for a longer period of time.


It was reported that the PHS bins were only getting empted once a month and possibly not all the bins were being empted at all. (After note MAL contacted PHS and the monthly call out is standard but they would come out on demand. This incident was then resolved.)


It has now been decided that the department would prefer to have the additional option of Roller Towels in the toilets but after a conversation with EMBS they have run out of budget. IML is looking into this with the possibility of Departmental funds.


PB made the committee aware that in the New Year an MPhil Student with a pre-existing RSI problem will be joining the department. He will need special equipment but it was decided that the committee would wait until he arrives to find out exactly what he requires.


There were concerns raised that half the lights in the street are on at all times, regardless of the lighting levels. The committee discussed the lighting around the outside of the building. Concerns were raised about the external lighting and the fact that it is not bright enough. It was suggested that it could be possible to change the timer so it can adjust accordingly throughout different stages of the year. We were also told that the street lighting down JJ Thomson Avenue would be permanent from the New Year.


6. Any Other Business


6.1(6.3) Other Matters

The committee discussed the formal status of the current Fire Safely Manager for our building and CB is to action the Head of Department to get a formal letter of appointment.

Action: CB

6.2 Risk Assessment Forms

The committee decided that Risk Assessment forms are needed for the Glass Lifters and for a Pillar Drill which may be installed in Stores. It was also thought that a Risk Assessment form should be done for changing the light bulbs. (e.g. in the street).


7. Correspondence


7.1(7.3) Fire

There are currently three assembly points, but a fourth may be added if the plot allocated for Marconi is used. No smoking signs have now been displayed around the building.


PAN has now found out the number of Fire Wardens and put together a table listing them from the Ground floor and First floor. In the New Year he will arrange a meeting to discuss procedures and arrange a Fire Wardens Course to be held in our building by Darren Franks (University Fire Office).


It was thought by the committee that we should have statutory signs around the building helping people in events of evacuation. It appears that the Ground floor signing is ample but the 1st and 2nd floor need more. i.e. Fire exit doors and escape routes to be made clearer.

Action: PAN


7.3 Lifts

KONE visited the building and checked over the lifts, writing up a report to confirm what they did. They will be maintaining the Lifts in the building for 1 year and then PJLC is still to confirm if Engineering will take over. Engineering have agreed to hold a Hand Winding Course in the building on the 17th January which it is thought that Stores and COs will attend.

Action: PJLC

8. Date for future Meetings

Meeting will take place at 14:15 in GC22 on the third Wednesday of every month unless stated otherwise:-



16th January, 20th February, 20th March 2002






























PB/KW 7th January 2002