University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory

Minutes of the 84th Health and Safety Committee Meeting held on Wednesday

17th October 2001 in GC22


Present:    P Brooks (Chairman), P A Neaves, M A Levitt, K Wheddon (Secretary), P J L Crofts, C Bean, G Titmus, Jane Blunt (Visitor-Physics)


0.               Visitors

Jane Blunt the Department Safety Officer at Physic’s, attended our meeting to help us with some site related concerns. 


1.               Items for Any Other Business



2.               Any Corrections to Previous Minutes



3.               Accidents and matters arising from Accident Reports

NR004.  A student fell off his bike on Mitcham’s Corner due to oil on the road.

NR005.  A student fell off his bike near the lake by Physics.  He slipped down a curb onto some gravel.

NR006.  A member of staff walked into an electric drill left on the floor in the lobby area by contractors.


4.               Personnel and Workplace Assessment Referral Forms

                  WPA006.  A user requested a foot rest.  A WPA was carried out and the problem seems to stem from his height making it hard to fit under his desk.  His desk it to be exchanged for one which can be adjusted.  He was given a Display Screen Equipment Book and completed a Self-WPA form.


5.               Matters Arising from Previous Minutes


5.1 (5.1)     West Cambridge Site

PB talked to the Departmental Safety Officer from Physics who attended our meeting.  She has put it on her list to set up a site-wide safety meeting and would try and come to our meetings every now and again.


5.2 (5.2)     VDU Workstation Assessment Training course for Assessors

PJLC is still to put forward the revised version of the VDU Assessment Document as a proposed University Document.


                                                                                                            Action PJLC


5.3 (5.3)     Roles Relating to Health and Safety

No. 17-18 - MAL, KW and RH met and worked on a new unified Assistant Staff and Academic Related Induction Form.  KW will circulate the form round to the committee before the next meeting for changes/corrections.


6.               Any Other Business


6.1             Office Safety Seminar

                  PJLC and PAN will be attending this seminar on the 14th November.


6.2             General Health Awareness

The department is keen to encourage general Health Awareness, particularly as we are now further away from Fenners.  There is already a weekly Pilates Class and there will soon be an Aerobics Class.  We are currently looking into a dedicated room for a small gym.


6.3             Replacement of Health and Safety Committee Members

It was thought that we should try and replace some members of the Committee.  RH cannot attend meetings due to other commitments and WFC will be leaving the Department at the end of this year sometime.  There is also a place open for a Graduate Student and now that the Cafeteria is running we hope to get a representative attending our meetings.

                                                                                          Action: MAL(?), PJLC


7.               Correspondence


7.1             Manual Handling Training Course

Physics and PAN are going to contact Will Hudson from the Safety Office to try and arrange the Manual Handling Training Course.  It appears that the course SC had suggested that PSN attend has already happened, and there isn’t another one planned.  Jane Blunt was also going to send some people on the same course but as she too was not sent the details, she will be arranging a three day course, which PAN will attend.  We hope that Central Authorities will fund it directly.


7.2             Items relating to the New Building – Move: New Building, etc.

Concerns were raised over the lack of airflow.  We have been told that there is no easy way to check that the airflow is according to spec, and the flows have not yet been tuned.  PJLC commented that there were plans for a person to come in daily to look at the quality so that it can be monitored once a day.


7.3             Fire

Four fire Assembly points have now been put up around the building.  The committee decided it would be best to advertise where these assembly points are and then let people assemble to the nearest point at the time.

                  Statutory Poster –

                  Plan of routes which need to be clear – Still under discussion


7.4             Lifts

CONE will be maintaining the Lifts in the building for 1 year and then it will be under discussion.  It was also asked when a “Hand Winding” Course would take place.  PJLC is going to contact Engineering to arrange a Hand Winding Course.


                                                                                                                        Action: PJLC


                  125462 Multiple Lights?

                  Do we have details of the phone usage?


7.5             First Aid

The first aid boxes have now been distributed and mounted around the building.  PB will contact Lorraine Peril to find out if one first aid box is ample for the Streets use or should we have two. 

There was quite a bit of discussion about having a window open in the first aid room but we came to no decisions.

                  Mutual backup – need trips to other departments?

At the moment the Computer Laboratory First Aid Meetings are in a group near town.  PB is going to ask to be changed to another group.


8.               Date for future Meeting


Meeting will take place at 14:15 in GC22 on the third Wednesday of every month unless stated otherwise:-


21st November, 19th December























PB/KW 6th November 2001