University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory

Minutes of the 82nd Health and Safety Committee Meeting held on Wednesday 18th July 2001 in TP4


Present: P Brooks (Chairman), P A Neaves, M A Levitt, W Clocksin,

K Wheddon (Secretary), G Titmus, R Hewson, P J L Crofts


1. Items for Any Other Business




2. Any Corrections to Previous Minutes




3. Accidents and matters arising from Accident Reports


NR002. A member of staff hit her head under the desk.

VC03. A member of CS staff arrived at work with a twisted ankle, to which KW attended.


4. Personnel and Workplace Assessment Referral Forms


WPA005. A paper Self-WPA was filled in and followed up.

WPA004. There has been no follow up yet. To be chased

Action: KW

PB is going to find out about having the Self Assessment Form put on line.

5. Matters Arising from Previous Minutes


5.1 (5.1) West Cambridge Site

PJLC had a discussion about the Health and Safety Representation in the West Cambridge Site. There is one in Physics and it was left for PB to talk further.


Action PB


5.2 (5.2) VDU Workstation Assessment Training course for Assessors

PJLC is still to put forward the revised version of the VDU Assessment Document as a proposed University Document.


Action PJLC


5.3 (5.3) Roles Relating to Health and Safety

No. 17-18 MAL, KW and RH met and worked on a new unified Assistant Staff and Academic Related Induction Form. The form was taken to the meeting and distributed round for views. Discuss at the next meeting.


5.4 (6.1) Female First Aider

The Head of Department is still investigating. PB will chase this up.


Action PB

6. Any Other Business




7. Correspondence


7.1 The Health and Safety Policy Document

IML has said he would be looking forward to a new updated health and safety document ready for when we move. It was agreed that PB would obtain a copy from the Computing Service and for GT to revise it for the Computer Laboratory.


Action: PB, GT


8. Date for future Meeting


The next Health and Safety meeting will be delayed a week and will now take place on Wednesday 22nd August at 14.15. It is not clear yet where but KW will send an email round when she has found a room.




















PB/KW 24th July 2001