University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory

Minutes of the 81st Health and Safety Committee Meeting held on

Wednesday 16th May 2001 in TP4


Present:            P Brooks (Chairman), P A Neaves, M A Levitt, W Clocksin,

K Wheddon, G Titmus, R Hewson, Sara Cooper (Safety Office)


1.               Items for Any Other Business




2.            Any Corrections to Previous Minutes




3.               Accidents and matters arising from Accident Reports




4.               Personnel and Workplace Assessment Referral Forms


PB and KW completed a WPA for a PhD Student who was suffering with pains in her hand.  It was decided that she would fill in a paper Self-WPA and then we would review the situation in a month.


5.               Matters Arising from Previous Minutes


5.1 (5.2)  West Cambridge Site

PJLC is still in discussion about the Health and Safety representation at the West Cambridge Site.

                                                                        Action: PJLC


5.2 (5.3)               VDU Workstation Assessment Training Course for Assessors

PJLC is still to put forward the revised version of the VDU assessment document as a proposed University document.

                                                                        Action PJLC


5.3 (5.4)               Roles Relating to Health and Safety

Nos. 17-18 – The Departmental Secretary and Committee Secretary are still working on a new unified Assistant Staff and Academic Related Induction Form.  A meeting will be arranged with MAL, KW and RH.

                                                                                                      Action MAL, KW, RH

No. 30 – PB is still investigating Union Representatives within the Department.

                                                                                                                              Action PB


5.4 (6.1)               Female First Aider

               The Head of Department is still investigating.

                                                                                                                              Action IML


6.            Any Other Business


6.1               Lasers

A Long Distance Fibre is going to be used in the New Building, our first using lasers rather than diodes, and concern was raised over the Health and Safety aspects.  Copies of the University Guidelines on the Safe Use of Lasers and the draft on Fibre Optic Handling were consulted and it was agreed that as the laser was Class 1, there was thought to be no special precaution or labelling required.


6.2               University Safety Office

SC said that she would expect that someone from the University Safety Office would attend our Health and Safety Meetings quarterly.


7.               Correspondence


7.1               Green Issues

WFC contacted a member of staff about the Environmental Co-ordinator’s role.  The staff member didn’t have a particular interest in this role so it was decided that MAL would take on this role for now.


8.               Dates for Future Meetings


Meeting will take place at 14:15 in TP4 on the third Wednesday of every month unless stated otherwise:-


NO MEETING ON 20TH JUNE 2001 – due to the University 1st Aid Conference.



               Next Meeting on 18th July




















PB/kw 17th May 2001