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Minutes of the 78th Health and Safety Committee Meeting

held on 21st February 2001 in TP4

P. Brooks (Chairman), W.F. Clocksin, P.J.L. Crofts, R. Hewson, M.A. Levitt, P.A. Neaves, G. Titmus

1  Items for Any Other Business


2  Any corrections to previous minutes

Some typos were noted.

3  Accidents and matters arising from Accident Reports


4  Personnel and Workplace Assessment Referral forms

No assessments to report.

5  Matters Arising

5.1  (5.2) Split of the Department

PB, SAE, MAL and KW will meet to meet to discuss health & safety administration when KW has settled in.
Action: PB, SAE, MAL, KW

5.2  (5.3) West Cambridge Site

PJLC raised the matter of Health and Safety representation at the West Cambridge Site Meeting and will follow it up.
Action: PJLC

5.3  VDU Workstation Assessment Training Course for Assessors

PJLC has produced a revised version of the VDU assessment document, which is to be reformatted so that it can put forward as a proposed University document.
Action: PJLC

5.4  (6) Roles Relating to Health and Safety

It was agreed that we should review the roles at the April meeting, once KW has been in post for six weeks.

6  Any Other Business


7  Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held on 21st March at 14:15.

PB 22.2.01

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