University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory

Minutes of the 103rd Health and Safety Committee Meeting

held on Wednesday 17 September 2003 in GC22



Present:           P Brooks (Chairman), A Barreto, C Bean, S Bishop, A Brown, J Cartwright, M A Levitt, R Moss, A Wonfor


Apologies:      M Kuhn, L Heptonstall, G Titmus



The Chairman reported on the sad death of Paul Neaves and said how much he had done for Health and Safety in the department, as the Fire Safety Manager and a First Aider.  He would miss the support he has always been so willing to give.  Other members of the Committee also wanted to acknowledge this.  He will be greatly missed.


1.               Items for Any Other Business



2.               Any Corrections to Previous Minutes

                  It was noted that Angela Baretto was incorrectly spelt.

Action CB


3.               Accidents and matters arising from Accident Reports

                  AB has obtained the Accident Report Form, but it appears to have been misfiled.  PB to look for it.

Action: PB


4.               Personal and Workplace Assessment Referral Forms

                  WPA 008-010 have been completed, and entered into the new database. 


                  JC enquired about procedures for Engineering.  It was confirmed that Engineering have their own procedures for this.


5.               Matters Arising from Previous Minutes

5.1(5.2)     Key Holders

AB still waiting for names.  He will follow up.

Action: AB


5.2(5.3)     First Aid Room

CB still needs to talk to AB about a medicine cabinet. 

Action: CB/AB

AB reported that a soap dispenser has now been purchased (still to be fitted).  The glove dispenser has now been fitted.


5.3(7.1)     Fire

AB confirmed that he knows when Defensor are coming to install the Intel kitchen and FN corridor holdbacks.


AB confirmed that cleaners have now been asked to ensure the ashtray is regularly emptied.


Due to the death of PAN a walk around for the Fire Wardens had not yet happened.  AB agreed, in the interim period, that he would take on the responsibilities of Departmental Fire Officer.  He has spoken to Maurice Reed who has offered us his support.


5.4(7.2)     Building Inspection

AB had not managed to obtain written authority that the use of a domestic ladder in stores was permitted so a new pair of steps will be purchased.

Action: AB


5.5(7.3)     Intel Teaching Lab

MAL still to follow up the clean up campaign.

Action:  MAL


5.6(7.6)     Statement of Health and Safety Policy

PB to look into whether the Statement of Health and Safety Policy had been signed.  (Afternote:  Done)

Action:  PB


5.7(7.8)     Chiller System

AB reported that the chiller system has now been balanced but has yet to be demonstrated to RMJM to see if they are satisfied with it.  The pumps that drive the system are still only working at 60% capacity but we should still see an improvement in the system because the balancing has been done.  The result of this is that we should have better cooling than before the campaign started.


5.8(7.8)     Cycle Compound

                  AB reported that the concrete has been slightly delayed but should be finished by 26 September.



6.               Any Other Business



7.               Correspondence


7.1             Physics' call out to the Emergency Services

Physics have reported that a recent call out for an ambulance had failed to work.  This was because they had been told Physics, off Madingley Road, but the signage by the road has been removed.  On investigation, they discovered that the database that the Ambulance Service uses does not know about JJ Thomson Avenue.  This is because JJ Thomson Avenue is a road un-adopted by the council.  It was agreed this should be reported to the West Cambridge Development Manager, for attention by the West Cambridge User Group as a matter of urgency.  In the meantime we should communicate to Reception that in any call out for the Ambulance Service we should be explicit about the fact that JJ Thomson is off Madingley Road.

Action:  PB


7.2             FW26 & FW28 Building Works

                  The work is almost complete.  AB confident that it will be completed within the timescale but wants to keep the room closed until all jobs and cleaning are done.


7.3             Fire Certificate

                  In a letter from the Fire Brigade relating to the FW26 and FW28 Building Works, reference was made by number to our existing Fire Certificate.  Maurice Reed has said that we do not have a fire certificate.  AB has tried to contact the fire service but has not been successful in making contact with the right person.  AB will forward the document to Maurice Reed for action.

Action:  AB


7.4             Visit from Fire Brigade

                  We have been asked by the Fire Office to let them know when the Fire Brigade come to our building.  They are not happy that we let them visit without them in attendance.  AB felt that the Fire Brigade were normally attending to familiarise themselves with the building but the Fire Office insist that they should attend to deal with any queries they have.


7.5             Visitor Health and Safety Guidance Sheet

                  PB distributed a sheet that has been designed to show visitors to the Department what to do in an emergency.  It was noted that this was purely for visitors to the Department, showing the ground and first floor only.


7.6             Workplace Assessment Forms

                  It was noted that the workplace assessment forms need correcting.  They currently say return to Kate Wheddon in A201. (Afternote:  done)

                  Action:  PB


7.7             Induction


It was agreed that members of Wednesday be reminded that it is the responsibility of a Students Supervisor (or Host in the case of a visitor, or Mentor in the case of a new UTO, etc) to perform a suitable induction for anyone moving into the Lab (i.e. visiting for more than a week). The form used for Assistant Staff was felt to cover the areas needed for most people, and will act as a handy reminder of what to discuss.  There is an associated `crib sheet' which has information which people performing an induction might need to know.   (Afternote:  done)

Action:  PB


7.8             Paging First Aiders

                  It was agreed the WGB PA system could be used to contact first aiders.  It was agreed that a fixed wording should be used and this should only be used in an emergency.  The Departmental Safety Officer will inform Reception.

                  Action:  PB


7.9             Members of the Department with a Disability

                  It was noted that next year we will be having two undergraduate students who are partially sighted and one with a hidden disability.  In 2004, we may also have a PhD student in a wheelchair.  His/her office may need to be modified.


7.10          Plant Room

                  When we first came into the building it was noticed that there are some exposed wiring in the plant room, which has been found to be mains voltage.  AB reported that the manufacturers of the device say there is no requirement to make any changes.  However, Shepherds say they will fit shroud connectors at the relevant points and this should alleviate the problem.


7.11          Sessions at Safety Office

                  PB reported on three sessions being run by the safety office:

                  Using Containment Level 2 Facilities and Microbiological Safety Cabinets

                  Safe Access to Heights Use of Ladders and other methods

                  Inspecting the Workplace. 

                  The first session listed was not relevant to our Department and the other two have already been attended by AB.


7.12          Lifting Bottles onto the Water Cooler

                  It was agreed that we should put a small notice on the side of the water coolers showing how to lift heavy items correctly.


7.13          Bins in LCE

                  JC reported bins were not getting emptied in LCE.  It turned out that this was probably because the cleaners did not have a master key for the part of the building.  JC to give AB a master key.

Action:  JC/AB


8.               Dates for future Meetings

Meetings will take place at 14:15 in GC22 on the third Wednesday of every month unless stated otherwise:

15 October, 19 November, 17 December 2003.