Computer Laboratory

Candidate’s manifestos

The following candidates have agreed to stand for election as student representatives on Faculty Board. They are listed below in alphabetical order, together with more information on each, and their manifesto.

We need to appoint one candidate from each student group (undergraduate, M.Phil and Ph.D.) If necessary, elections will be held during the week begining 24th November.

Mona Niknafs

  • Undergraduate

Hello, I am Mona Niknafs and I would like to apply for undergraduate Faculty Board Representative.

The Faculty Board oversees the work of the Computer Laboratory and is responsible for ensuring the provision of facilities for research, for preparing the teaching programme and for ensuring that teaching is delivered at a high standard.

As the current Staff Student Consultative Forum representative for Part II Computer Science, I feel this position is an appropriate extension to my current responsibilities. My SSCoF role has been successful, and so I will take the position of Faculty Representative with confidence.

I know there are a few problems, and I intend to propose solutions to the Faculty Board: For example, possible sources of supervisors to mitigate the shortage of departmental supervisions. I am a good mediator between parties and feel this will pave a friendly environment to push for students’ needs to be satisfied.

If I was undergraduate representative for the Faculty Board, I would strive to express student’s thoughts and concerns with the utmost clarity, and increase transparency in what goes on in these meetings. This formula would allow for efficient collaboration between students and other parties, to enhance the student experience.

Kathrin Stark

  • M. Phil

Daniel Thomas

  • Ph.D.

I have represented the PhD students to the Faculty Board for two years and am standing again to continue to do so until January when Diana Crisan (previously a MPhil SSCoF rep) will take over when she starts her PhD. Highlights of the past two years include obtaining a promise from the University that expenses will be paid by BACS rather than by cheque.