Computer Laboratory

Information for new arrivals

Glossary for new PhD students

Some terminology worth knowing around here:

Research group
The academics at the Computer Laboratory have socially organized themselves into a number of informal research groups, many of which have regular meetings and seminars. It is a good idea to attend many of these early on, to get to know people and their work.
Principal supervisor
Each student is assigned an individual who acts as his or her principal supervisor. A second person is also appointed to act in a less formal capacity as second advisor for the student. Usually the second advisor provides less formal backup, but sometimes will be the main person supervising the student.
The Computer Laboratory is a department in the Faculty of Computer Science and Technology which is part of the School of Technology along with Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology , Institute of Biotechnology and the Judge Institute of Management.

In Cambridge, a Faculty is “a body of persons...for the purpose of furthering the study of a subject or subjects” – not an individual member of staff. The Faculty has a Degree Committee which is made up of academic representatives of the areas of interest of the Faculty, which has oversight of supervision and graduate education and examinations in the Faculty.

Every graduate student is a member a College. Colleges are social and academic communities, offering moral support, companionship and enrichment through intellectual diversity. They also provide some of the key practical services and infrastructure that help students to flourish in Cambridge, such as accommodation and communal meals. These features enable the student to focus on work and to make the most of his or her time in Cambridge.
Graduate tutor
Each graduate student is assigned to a Graduate Tutor or equivalent (the title may vary) at the College, who will not necessarily be familiar with the student's subject area, but rather is intended to be a source of personal advice and pastoral care.