Computer Laboratory

Information for new arrivals

General information for new PhD students

Your office

You will be allocated a desk in an office which you will be sharing with another student from your related research group.
You will, however, be issued your own telephone.

Technical information

A Computer

A PC will have been made available for you, and you should have been asked in advance which operating system you wanted installed (Windows or Linux - we only have limited support for Macs).

Your own laptop

Increasingly, students are choosing to bring their own laptop to the Lab, which you can connect to the Lab network.

Network connection

Your laptop will be connected via a floorbox connection. We use Structured Wiring, so you can't do this yourself. It can be done in advance if Systems Staff are told where you are going to be sitting.

Your laptop needs to be set up for: DHCP registration. For more information, see Using a private machine in the department.


You may find the Common Printing Problems page of help should you experience any problems.

A lab account, a CRSID

You will be allocated an identifier, called a CRSID.
(If you already have one of these through previous associations with the University or a previous visit, then please make sure you inform the Systems staff.

We use a unified account system, so the same password will work on both Windows and Linux machines.

Most of our machines are useable by everyone with a valid account, but some machines are "owned" by specific research groups and have restricted access. If you are allocated (or wish to use) such a machine and do not appear to be able to log in then you may not have been added to the appropriate access list - ask your host to ask the Systems Staff to add you (we need to be asked by a member of staff so that we can check that it is appropriate for you to use that particular machine).

Raven accounts

Many web-based services provided by the University and some provided by the Computer Lab use an authentication system called Raven, which is based on the CRSID.
Most of our web pages are not protected by Raven, but if you do not have a Raven account assigned to you and you need one, contact the Computing Service.


You will be assigned a Hermes university email address. For more information visit the email address page of the Computing Service webpage.