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Accessions list

The library's accessions list is now available as an RSS feed, enabling you to keep up to date with the book titles which are added into the library's collection. Using an RSS reader, such as that in an e-mail client or Web browser, you will be able to see a list of new titles aquired by the library. There are a few point to bear in mind about this feed, namely:

  • The feed is generated by a report which runs each night and selects catalogue records newly created the previous day. The feed, therefore, is updated every 24 hours and will show items catalogued the previous day.
  • All new catalogue records will be shown, regardless of whether the book was purchased, donated, or even simply listed on the computerised catalogue for the first time. However, additional copies of an existing book will only be shown if they are shelved at a different classmark to the existing ones.
  • Material which is purchased for the library will be displayed before it is available on the shelves for loan. There may, therefore be a delay between the item appearing on the RSS feed and the book being shelved.
  • This feed only shows accessions in the Computer Laboratory Library. If you routinely use another departmental library then they may offer a similar facility.

If you wish to subscribe to this RSS feed then please follow the link below. You will need to select which RSS reader you wish to use and then follow the usual instructions for subscribing using that software.

Computer Laboratory accessions