Accepted Papers

The following papers were accepted to SBIM 2011 (18/36 accepted – 50%):

StereoBrush: Interactive 2D to 3D Conversion Using Discontinuous Warps
Oliver Wang, Manuel Lang, Matthias Frei, Alexander Hornung, Aljoscha Smolic and Markus Gross

Sketch Express: Facial Expressions Made Easy
José Miranda, Xenxo Blanco, João Orvalho, Diego Gutierrez, António Sousa and Verónica Orvalho

Gesture-based design of 2D contours: an alternative to sketching?
Thomas Delamé, Jean-Claude Leon, Marie-Paule Cani and Renaud Blanch

Single-View Sketch Based Modeling
Alexis Andre and Suguru Saito

Reconstructing surfaces from sketched 3D irregular curve
Serena Morigi and Marco Rucci

Combining bimanual manipulation and pen-based input for 3D modelling
Pedro Lopes, Daniel Mendes, Bruno Araújo and Joaquim Jorge

Defining Precise Measurements with Sketched Annotations
Kourtney Kebodeaux, Martin Field and Tracy Hammond

A Sketch-Based System for Highway Design
Christopher Applegate, Stephen Laycock and Andy Day

Sketch-Based Modeling of Smooth Surfaces using Adaptive Curve Networks
Gunay Orbay and Levent Kara

Neatening sketched strokes using piecewise French Curves
James McCrae and Karan Singh

ClassySeg: A Machine Learning Approach to Automatic Stroke Segmentation
James Herold and Thomas Stahovich

3D Modeling with a Symmetric Sketch
Cengiz Öztireli, Umut Uyumaz, Tiberiu Popa, Alla Sheffer and Markus Gross

Immersion and Embedding of Self-Crossing Loops
Uddipan Mukherjee, Gopi Meenakshisundaram and Jarek Rossignac

Now or Later: An Initial Exploration into User Perception of Mathematical Expression Recognition Feedback
Jared Bott, Daniel Gabriele and Joseph LaViola Jr.

Quick$: Application of Hierarchical Clustering to Gesture Recognition
James Herold, John Reaver and Thomas Stahovich

Continuous Recognition and Visualization of Pen Strokes and Touch-Screen Gestures
Per Ola Kristensson and Leif Denby

Is the iPad useful for sketch input? A comparison with the Tablet PC (PDF)
Scott MacLean, David Tausky, George Labahn, Ed Lank and Mirette Marzouk

Combining Corners from Multiple Segmenters
Aaron Wolin, Martin Field and Tracy Hammond

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