Accepted Demos

The following demos were accepted to SBIM 2011:

CSTutor: A Pen-Based Tool for Visualizing Data Structures
Sarah Buchanan, Brandon Ochs and Joseph J. LaViola Jr.

Results of an observational study on sketching (PDF)
Cindy Grimm

Sketched Symbol Recognition with Few Examples Using Particle Filtering
Caglar Tirkaz, Metin Sezgin and Berrin Yanikoglu1

A Sketch-Based Algorithm for Generating Roads
Christopher Applegate, Stephen Laycock and Andy Day

Sketch based 3D Modeling with Curvature Classification
Özgür Gönen and Ergun Akleman

LIFEisGAME - An Interactive Serious Game for Teaching Facial Expression Recognition
Tiago Fernandes, José Miranda, Xenxo Alvarez and Verónica Orvalho

A Demonstration of Continuous Recognition and Visualization of Pen Strokes and Touch-Screen Gestures
Per Ola Kristensson and Leif C. Denby

Is the iPad useful for sketch input? A comparison with the Tablet PC (PDF)
Scott MacLean, David Tausky, George Labahn, Ed Lank and Mirette Marzouk

Sketch Express: Facial Expressions Made Easy
José Carlos Miranda, Xenxo Alvarez, João Orvalho, Diego Gutierrez, A. Augusto Sousa and Verónica Orvalho

Sketch-Based Modeling of Smooth Surfaces Using Adaptive Curve Networks
Günay Orbay and Levent Burak Kara

A sketch based system to embed an immersible self-crossing planar loop in 3D
Uddipan Mukherjee, M. Gopi and Jarek Rossignac

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