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! Accepted Posters

The following posters were accepted to Computational Aesthetics 2011:

'''SBArt4 – Breeding and Evolving Abstract Images and Animations'''\\
Tatsuo Unemi

'''Aesthetics of serendipity: Muta-morphosis'''\\
Murat Germen

'''Example-Based Hairstyle Advisor'''\\
Wei Yang, Masahiro Toyoura and Xiaoyang Mao

'''Surface Covering Curves'''\\
Qing Xing, Ergun Akleman, Gabriel Taubin and Jianer Chen

'''Kindalike Cubism: Using Programmable Cameras for Photography in More Dimensions'''\\
Chris D. Willson, Gerald Hushlak, and Jeffrey E. Boyd

'''Synesthetic Analysis of Video Accompanied by Audio'''\\
Bożena Kostek and Andrzej Czyżewski

'''Processing and Advanced Networking in Art'''\\
Shotaro Nakano and Emily Puthoff

'''[[|Investigating the style and art forms in the Book of Kells]]'''\\
Sayandeep Purkayasth, Roger Stalley and John Dingliana

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