Accepted Papers

The following papers were accepted to Computational Aesthetics 2011:

Art Papers (6/15 accepted – 40%)

Artistic Canvases for Gestural and Non-linear Typography
Travis Kirton

EMVIZ: The Poetics of Movement Quality Visualization
Pattarawut Subyen, Diego Maranan, Thecla Schiphorst, Philippe Pasquier and Lyn Bartram

Building “The Plotter” – an Aesthetic Exploration with Drawing Robots
Andres Wanner

Performing Animator Instrument for Live Media
Aleksandra Dulic and Kenneth Newby

ActionPlot: A Visualization Tool for Contemporary Dance Analysis
Kristin Carlson, Thecla Schiphorst and Chris Shaw

Aesthetic Agents: Swarm-based Non-photorealistic Rendering using Multiple Images (PDF)
Justin Love, Philippe Pasquier, Brian Wyvill, Steve Gibson and George Tzanetakis

Technical Papers (10/24 accepted – 42%)

Images from Self-Occlusion
Marc Alexa and Wojciech Matusik

Predicting Stereoscopic Viewing Comfort Using a Coherence-Based Computational Model
Christian Richardt, Lech Swirski, Ian Davies and Neil Dodgson

Double Meandering Algorithm: From Drawing Game to Automated Animation
Shelley Gao, Amy Gooch and Lucy Pullen

Interactive Modeling of Muqarnas
Nader Hamekasi, Faramarz Samavati and Ahmad Nasri

Sympathetic Guitar: Human Social Response to Remote Interaction Paradigms in Abstract, Expressive Contexts
Jay Vidyarthi, Bernhard Riecke and Alissa Antle

Generating Op Art Lines
Tiffany Inglis and Craig Kaplan

ColourVis: Exploring Colour Usage in Paintings Over Time
Jonathan Haber, Sean Lynch and Sheelagh Carpendale

Symmetry Hybrids
Brian Cullen and Carol O’Sullivan

Simple Motion Textures for Ambient Affect
Lyn Bartram and Matt Lockyer

gamutHeatMap: Visualizing the Colour Shift of Rendering Intent Transformations
Christopher Gat, Hanyu Zhang, Daniel German and Melanie Tory

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