Accepted Artworks (17/40 accepted – 43%)

The following artworks were accepted to Computational Aesthetics 2011. This overview thematizes the creation of aesthetic tools as a cultural activity. Programmers of computational tools define cultural processes as they shape code with their own mental images and world views.

The selected works cover a wide range of generative and interactive pieces from areas ranging from information design and visualization, media hacking, algorithmic art, and collaborative interactive installations. The selection draws attention to the relationship between the picture and its making, between the artifact and the creation process; most works consider both aspects in a balanced way.

The Computational Aesthetics Art Show will present these works to the public on the reception on August 5, 2011, at the Marriott Downtown. Join us and discover!

New: print-on-demand version of the Arts Catalogue.

Andres Wanner and Allen Bevans
Arts Chairs

ILLUZTRATOR: Sketch Based Visualization of Persian Geometric Patterns
Amir Aziz Ghahary
Stephan Thiel
Don Relyea
Noise into Visual Art
Syafiq Abdul Samat
Sampling Patterns (more)
Paul Hertz
Branchy Branch Triptych
Jeffrey Ventrella
Martha Blicharz
Murat Germen
Flowers with tendrils
Don Relyea
Andres Wanner
Swimming away from Darwin
Steve DiPaola
Marcin Ignac
Ted Davis
Mohr SMS
Hugo Camargo and Veronika Pauser
Jeremy Turner
Entanglement with Gradual Prelude
Kenneth Newby and Aleksandra Dulic
Environment 001|003
Kay Malek

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