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'''CSTutor: A Pen-Based Tool for Visualizing Data Structures (Best Poster)'''\\
Sarah Buchanan, Brandon Ochs and Joseph J. LaViola Jr.
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'''A Sketch-Based Algorithm for Generating Roads (Honorable Mention)'''\\
Christopher Applegate, Stephen Laycock and Andy Day

'''Sketch based 3D Modeling with Curvature Classification (Honorable Mention)'''\\
Özgür Gönen and Ergun Akleman

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'''Implicit Color Fields (Best Poster)'''\\
Li Ji, Nicholas Cohea and Amy Gooch

'''Style Transferring Using GIST (Honorable Mention)'''\\
Noriyuki Abe, Xiaoyang Mao and Masahiro Toyoura

'''Surface reconstruction and artistic rendering of small paleontological specimens (Honorable Mention)'''\\
Sebastian Schäfer and Carsten Heep
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!! Computational Aesthetics

'''SBArt4 – Breeding and Evolving Abstract Images and Animations (Best Poster)'''\\
Tatsuo Unemi


'''Kindalike Cubism: Using Programmable Cameras for Photography in More Dimensions (Honorable Mention)'''\\
Chris D. Willson, Gerald Hushlak, and Jeffrey E. Boyd

'''Aesthetics of serendipity: Muta-morphosis (Honorable Mention)'''\\
Murat Germen