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Unique id/year of acquisition: 61/97
Name: Creed tape perforator
Creed tape perforator
Creed tape perforator
Other nos on object: serial no 4363, others mostly unreadable
Inscription: Creed
Dimensions: 570x410x340
Description: Grey metal case. Keyboard at front, mechanical typewriter-like with numbers and letters only (QWERTY layout). 5-hole paper tape held in feed unit at top, hinged on right. Output unit on left side, complicated arrangement of levers and cogs. Switch (power ?) on right front. motor unit at rear. 4 rubber feet on base. Cable extending from rear right.
Class: peripheral
Machine: EDSAC II
Condition: fair
DW: This is a keyboard perforator made by Creed. Normally one operates the keyboard and produces a paper tape from this roll with up to 5 holes punched across the tape. This was used as a fast output for EDSAC 1 and EDSAC 2. There were extra solenoids put in which could actuate the punches and it ran at about 35 characters to the second. According to the label this is one of those connected to EDSAC 2 and the EDSAC 2 had two alternative outputs for paper tape. This is labelled A or it might actually have been used in the tape preparation room for copying tapes, so that is another use of these keyboard perforators. But these were the dominant output device for EDSAC 1 and EDSAC 2 for most of the time. Eventually they were replaced by a high speed Creed punch and teletype 110 characters a second punch.
See also: 72/99

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