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Unique id/year of acquisition: 48/97
Name: Ring Monitor station
Ring Monitor station
Ring Monitor station
Class: network
Machine: Ring
DW:This object is the so-called ring monitor station which was part of the Cambridge Ring. It was an essential part. It supplied power to all the repeaters around the Ring. It provided start up facilities and monitored the Ring for accuracy and errors. Typically it was switched on and left working and it was possible to perform some tests on the Ring from this panel. And that's about all - it was just the power supply for the Ring and monitored if the power was supplied along the twisted pairs to all the individual repeaters.
Q: Was this in use throughout the lifetime of the Ring?
DW:Yes, it was an essential part of the Ring, although it evolved during the Ring because we could make changes at the monitor station without changing all the repeater stations. Access to the printed circuit board containing the components was behind this sliding panel. The mechanical part of this was designed by Norman Unwin.
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