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Unique id/year of acquisition: 28/97
Name: Plessey core plane
Plessey core plane
Plessey core plane
Other nos on object: 394(bottom left corner of each card), various(bottom right corner of each card)
Inscription: none
Dimensions: 133x133x28
Description: Stack of 4 core planes with a 5th back plane without core. Each plane is square with 4 square core memory areas in the middle. Outer part of plane is plastic with inlaid wiring tracks. Top plane has multicoloured wiring protruding from each edge, lower planes just have wire connectors to plane above.
Class: memory
Machine: Titan
Condition: good
DW: These two components I believe are Plessey core planes in which they're mounted stacked one upon the other and used for the storage purposes. There's a fair number of inter-connections and plugs and sockets which connected to the electronics. Of course the principle of core stores meant instead of for N components - instead of having N wires you had square root of N wires, so in spite of the apparent large number it was small compared with the size of the store. I cannot quite remember I believe these were 6 microsecond cycle time stores.
Q: And which machines were these, Titan again?
DW: These were used on the Titan. These stores were different to those used on the Atlas. They were in fact slower, but the machine didn't have a virtual storage as it's now called, so it wasn't potentially much slower.
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