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Unique id/year of acquisition: 18/97
Name: Titan B core store
Titan B core store
Other nos on object: 0298 (serial number, on top)
Inscription: "TOWCESTER. Plessey. ENGLAND" (panel on top), "Plessey Core Store" (on sticker on top)
Dimensions: 304x177x163
Description: Titan B core store, 128.5 words of 24 bits @ 0.5 microseconds. Red metal box, with 8 sets of wires coming out of the top, through 7 24-pin plugs and 1 9-pin (all made by Cannon) labelled A-M. Store is oil-filled, and has not been drained - oil can be heard moving inside. There is a metal plug on one side for filling/emptying oil. Wires all appear dirty and discoloured. The outsides of the plugs are a little rusty and dirty. The sets of wires have all been cut to around 5-6 inches.
Class: memory
Machine: Titan
Condition: good
DW: This unit was used on the Titan and is identical to those used on Atlas. It is a so-called B-core store. It has 128 words of 24 bits and is used for storing the B-registers associated with the order code. It had for the time a very rapid access of about half a microsecond or perhaps less as it stored a fair number of registers it allowed versatility to the programme.
Q: There is some sort of fluid in it - you thought that was probably oil?
DW:I believe it was fairly intensively used so the coils would tend to get a little hot. They were working at a highest speed possible I believe the oil was put in to allow for heat dissipation.
Q:And this was made by Plessey?
DW: It was made by Plessey for Ferranti and they were installed in all Atlas computers and the Titan.
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