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Unique id/year of acquisition: 13/97
Name: Plessey core memory control board
Plessey core memory control board
Plessey core memory control board
Other nos on object: 013, 1020, 612/MB/19711 (on rear)
Inscription: "Plessey", with logo (on rear)
Dimensions: 194x152x12
Description: Plessey control board for ferrite core store. The front of the board has around 250 components soldered on, most of which are individually numbered and/or colour coded. Along the right hand edge are a series of gold coloured contacts and two small plastic blocks. A black plastic (?) strip runs along the left hand edge, with the numbers 1-10 under the words "MOD.RECORD".
Class: memory
Machine: Titan
Condition: good
DW: This again shows the development of electronic circuit boards. The transistors have got smaller and this particular one was used as part of the controller of a Plessey ferrite store. It supplied waveforms to drive the core plane. Its exact function I'm not quite sure of but itis an illustration of the slightly more advanced use of transistors to drive things and the transistors have got a little smaller.
Q: 1965 is that about the right date?
DW: Yes, the Titan had Plessey stores connected to it. We bought them from Plessey and we had 4 Plessey stores which made 128000 words of store, so you have 32000 words of store. This board would have been used in the memory circuits of the core stores which if you like were apart of Titan although some people would say the memory was distinct from the computers, you could after all put another memory in there if you wished.
Q: Was Plessey a British firm or American?
DW: Plessey is a British firm and still is if I remember correctly, quite a big electronics firm. I'm not sure if Plessey still exists - it might have got absorbed into GEC but I don't think so. Yes, it has been.
See also: 27/97

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