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Unique id/year of acquisition: 112/99
Name: Titan plessey core store
Titan plessey core store
Other nos on object: none
Inscription: TOWCESTER Plessey ENGLAND (plate on front) Plessey Core Store Serial No 2338 Type No 63/252 (plate on front) TITAN STORE 128 K WORDS PLESSEY CORE STORE 50 BITS 4096 WORDS 6us CYCLE TIME. STORE CABINET CONTAINED 4 STORE UNITS - 16K WORDS. (label on top)
Dimensions: 460x200x140
Description: Grey metal box. front has 8 37-pin plugs in two banks of 4 labelled H,G,F,E and D,C,B,A respectively (from left). Also 4 50-pin plugs labelled K,J,M,L.
Class: memory
Machine: Titan
Condition: good
DW: This is another Ferrite core box. It was made by Plessey for the Titan and it had 4K words of 50 bits each. The core plane was oil-cooled to prevent temperature changes affecting the performance.
Q:It says 1966 - would that fit?
DW:1966 was round about the time that Titan started.
Q:Did these continue to be used throughout the life of the Titan?
DW:They continued to be used throughout the life of the Titan.
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