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Unique id/year of acquisition: 10/97
Name: Titan Disc controller board
Titan Disc controller board
Titan Disc controller board
Dimensions: 137x141x15
Class: memory
Machine: Titan
DW:A slightly later board - these were the disk stores used in Titan which were connected two or three years after it started. They were made in America and you can see the different edge connector and the connecting lines are getting thinner and it has rather more transistors on but this was part of the disk controller which was the bulk memory of the Titan used for on-line services.
Q: So, that's slightly later? How much later?
DW: About 1970 - you might find it in the chronology when the disk stores were connected. We had to make some design changes to the Titan to accept the disks. And there's some enormous disks round the Laboratory showing the size they used to be.
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