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Unique id/year of acquisition: 87/99
Name: Cap paperwork
Photograph not applicable
Class: documentation
Machine: CAP

Unique id/year of acquisition: 98/99
Name: The CAP
Class: computer
Machine: CAP
The CAP (Capability Protection) Project ran from 1970 to 1977.It was an experiment in memory protection, based on capabilities implemented in hardware, under M.V.Wilkes and R.M.Needham with D.Wheeler responsible for implementation (BCS Technical Award 1978 for `CAP (Capability Protection) Project' to R.M.Needham).

Unique id/year of acquisition: 99/99
Name: CAP Philips store Control Panel
CAP Philips store Control Panel
Class: computer
Machine: CAP
The Phillips core store was a later add-on to the CAP. It provided 120k 32-bit words, but was rather slow as the words were byte addressed.

Unique id/year of acquisition: 100/99
Name: Paper Tape Library
Paper Tape Library
Class: other
Machine: CAP
A selection of paper tapes containing subroutines which could be physically copied and stuck together to form parts of larger programs. This technique was common to most computers until the 1970s.
Correction from Martyn Johnson:These paper tapes were not a subroutine library and they were not joined together. Each paper tape was a standalone microprogram for the CAP. Mostly they are test programs of various kinds and some bootstraps. There is probably also a paper tape copy of the microcode that ran the normal instruction set of the machine, though in the latter days this was more normally loaded from disc or network.
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