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MPhil in Advanced Computer Science - Questionnaire

Once an application has been submitted to the Graduate Admissions Office, you will receive an email, "Request for further particulars for your application to the ACS MPhil at Cambridge", from SQLServer around 48 hours' later. Please check your junk mail.

This page will explain how to complete the questionnaire and its purpose. You will have received an email giving you a URL to an online questionnaire and module selection form. This link is unique. It is very important that you follow the instructions below carefully. The Admissions Panel for the MPhil in Advanced Computer Science will consider your application alongside the answers you give in the questionnaire, the mini project proposal you write and the modules you have selected.

The questionnaire is in two parts: ‘Additional Questions’ and ‘Modules selected’.

The questionnaire is in addition to other elements of your application such as grade transcripts, degree certificates and academic references. These elements must be uploaded within seven days of submission of an application to the University of Cambridge. English language test results, if required, may be uploaded later than seven days after the application's submission.

Questionnaire Deadline

We need you to complete the questionnaire within seven days of the datestamp on the email. If you have not finished your questionnaire within seven days, the questionnaire - complete, partially complete or blank - will be submitted automatically to the internal application interface and you will not be able to make any alterations.

Failure to complete the questionnaire will mean a delay in further processing of your application which may mean it cannot be considered in the various funding competitions.

Additional Questions

The questions we ask are as follows:

  1. Why have you decided to apply for the M.Phil in Advanced Computer Science and what interests you in particular?
  2. Where did you hear about the course?
  3. What are you intentions after completing the course?
  4. Please briefly describe your programming experience

Research Project Proposal

Students will spend a considerable amount of their time carrying out an individual research project under the supervision of a member of faculty. As a result, applicants are required to submit one or two research proposals each of no more than 500 words. This should identify the area in which you wish you work and identify possible research problems in that area. It is recommended that before submitting the research proposals on the additional questionnaire, time should be spent considering the research currently undertaken in the Computer Laboratory.

If you are not yet certain of your area can visit the web pages of the various research groups and faculty members for inspiration. Please see the research groups' web pages for some ideas. The proposal and module selections are not by any means binding; rather they serve to help us with our assessment of your application as well as identify potential supervisors.

Modules selected

Choosing modules

The MPhil in Advanced Computer Science (ACS) is modular with a wide variety of choices; as such no two students will necessarily follow identical paths. However, each student will need to choose five modules from the extensive list and select some reserve modules as backup should any of your first choices be oversubscribed.

We recommend selecting no more than four and preferably three modules from Michaelmas Term (the University term starting October), and one or two from Lent Term (the Term starting in January).

The Degree Committee requires all MPhil in ACS students to take the Research Skills Programme so we do not give that module to you as an option.

The list of modules should help you in making your choice. Please note that the full syllabi for the next academic year will be available from mid-July before the academic year begins. In the meantime, you will be able to consult the individual course pages from the current academic year. You may find it helpful to have a second tab open when making your selection.

Your selection is indicative only and tells us the sorts of modules you might choose if offered a place on the course. It is likely that there will be some modules that will not be offered in 2017-18 and some new modules that are not currently listed.* Successful applicants will have a Course Adviser appointed in the summer leading up to the start of the academic year who will be able to guide and provide advice about appropriate, final module selections given a student's particular research interests.

*The Degree Committee for the Faculty of Computer Science and Technology reserves the right to withdraw any module with five or fewer enrolments and to adjust selections should there be oversubsubscription.

If you have any problems completing the questionnaire, please email us immediately and we will try to help.

What happens next?

Once you have submitted all the supporting documents required by the University to accompany your GRADSAF appliation, the Graduate Education Team will be notified that your application is complete. We will download it and it will be matched up with your completed questionnaire.

In the third week after the initial submission of our application, an experienced member of the faculty, usually a current Course Adviser, will be assigned to consider your application and report to the Admissions Panel with a recommendation. Some applications will be rejected at this stage. Applicants who are being considered for a place on the MPhil course must be interviewed. Most interviews are conducted by phone or Skype and usually by the Course Adviser or a senior member of the teaching staff. If you have been shortlisted for an interview, we will notify you by email to the address you have given us on your application.

The Admissions Panel will consider your application, questionnaire, interview report (if applicable) and the Course Adviser's recommendation. If the decision is to recommend you receive an offer of a place, the Degree Committee will approve the recommendation and the decision will be relayed to the Graduate Admissions Office. The Graduate Admissions Office is part of the Student Registry which is the only authority permitted to make a formal offer.

The department will endeavour to process your complete application from receipt on the internal application interface to departmental decision within six weeks but in busy times, such as October, December and January, it may take longer for Course Advisers to consider all the applications they receive. We therefore appreciate your patience during this time.

Thanks and good luck,

Graduate Education Team
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